Inspiring young people to spread positivity
and drive social change

Together, #AwesomenessActs aims to achieve one million acts of awesomeness! Whether we’re tackling teen cancer, homelessness or inclusivity, you’re invited to participate in our ‘acts of awesomeness’ that provide simple, creative and impactful ways to make a difference.

She Is We Awesomeness Acts campaign

Awesomeness Acts is stoked to announce the launch of She is We! In our continued effort to drive social change, #AWESOMENESSACTS has teamed up with I AM THAT GIRL to raise the standards of how girls treat themselves and each other. We are connecting our community through conversation around positive action.

In creating a space for girls to be heard and belong, we are cultivating self-worth, community engagement, and action so together we can create a healthier, more powerful world.

How can you get involved? Follow #AWESOMENESSACTS along AwesomenessTV’s social channels and leave your comment on the phrase of the week to join the movement. Each week we will rally around one of our four core phrases: #BossBecause, #SpeakYourTruth, #SorryNotSorry, and #MeToo.

We’re not all that different below the surface. When we really listen to each other, we realize how much we actually have in common. Join us this week and share your relatable experience that will have someone say #MeToo! Tag three friends to keep the conversation going!

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Every hour, one young person between the age of 13-25 is diagnosed with cancer. For teen cancer patients, music therapy can serve as a critical pathway to handle pain, isolation, anxiety, boredom and emotional stress before, during and after treatment. Music is a positive outlet for teens fighting cancer.

So, how can you get involved? Tweet your mood-boosting song recommendations (using #AwesomenessActs)! Your song pick will be added to our Playlist with Purpose on AwesomenessTV’s Spotify profile.



Color with Care garnered over 46,000 Acts of Awesomeness in just 1 month! Fueled by the creative contributions of teens around the globe, we created a crowd-sourced coloring book for teen cancer patients. With our partners at and Teen Cancer America, our coloring book will be distributed to over 100 hospitals! That’s pretty AWESOME!



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