At long last, the new season of Riverdale has arrived! And praise for the soapy teen show—not to mention, conspiracy theories—is already pouring in. So make a date with your TV (if you haven’t already binged the latest eps), then catch up on the news.

MEET TODAY'S CLOVER, @beetlejuyce: There's no better time than now to check out this girl—whose handle is an homage to our fave october flick—and her outstanding outfits.

💸 Have a business idea? Now’s the time to make your dreams a reality. Not only have many venture capitalists opened up to the fact that female-founded companies are more profitable, they’re *also* opening up their wallets. But then again, so are a growing number of funds started by ~actual~ female entrepreneurs. Sophia Amoruso's company Girlboss is investing $200,000 in women-owned businesses, while Bumble recently announced its own fund to give other budding startups a shot. Go get that money!

👿 Bullying’s a big problem and it seems like no one’s actually *doing* anything about it. Fortunately, Instagram—where trolls are especially rampant—is trying to fix it. Finally. The company is using new AI technology to detect bullying in photos and captions, which will then be reviewed by actual human. It’s a start! To further spread positivity (and to honor National Bullying Prevention Month), Insta also tapped Maddie Ziegler to help launch a “kindness camera” tool that’s actually pretty adorable. Try it—and share the good feels.

💙 Speaking of spreading kindness, Emery Bergmann—a Cornell student who went viral for documenting her lonely transition to college—wants you to know she’s no longer feeling that way. And you don’t have to, either. In a piece for The New York Times, the former “girl with no friends” gets real about the loneliness epidemic and expectations we put on ourselves. Now a sophomore, she also gave tried-and-true advice for others going through similar situations. It’s worth a read...because let’s be real, World Mental Health Day should be 365 days a year.

🙆 What does Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation mean for us, particularly as women? Last week, a newspaper posed that question to its readers, and 40,000 women answered. The responses range from inspiring to enraged, but they’re all thoughtful and worth your time. Also worth your time? Sending a thank you note to Christine Blasey Ford for coming forward, and marveling at the new, a resource for survivors that was just launched by an exceptionally clever advocacy group.