10 Beauty Tools You Absolutely NEED In Your Makeup Bag

Are these essentials tools in your makeup bag?

We all have our favorite lipstick shades, foundation and eyeshadow palettes, but do you have the right beauty tools to keep you looking fabulous all day long?

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1. Makeup Sponge

The best little tool that ever existed. Sponges are gentle on your face, are wonderful at being able to blend and are easily washable. We’re fans of the ever popular Beautyblender or Earth Therapeutics Precisso Cosmetic Blending Sponge.

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2. Tweezer Set

We obviously need those slanted tweezers to help us remove any unwanted hairs that may pop up, but what about spontaneous, individual lashes? Using pointed tweezers help to put on those individual lashes to give you a more natural look. Having pointed and slanted tweezers are an absolute must!


3. Eyeliner Stencil

Do you struggle with creating the perfect winged or cat eyeliner look? Yeah, us too. That’s why these eyeliner stencils are the best hack to have in your makeup bag. 


4. Makeup Brush Cleaner and Egg

You may not realize this, but makeup brushes are filthy. It’s not just the colors that need to be washed off before application, but all of the other bacteria. Your brush is constantly touching your face which contains dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells and body oil that makes it cling on the brush. Do your skin a favor and make sure to wash your brushes as often as possible.



5. Powder Puff

If oiliness and shiny skin is a bit of a problem for you, you might want to invest in a powder puff. The right puff not only applies powder evenly on your skin, but helps to absorb that oil off of your skin! Just make sure to clean the puff occasionally.


6. Cortizone 10

Have you ever woken up feeling red, puffy or inflammed more than usual? Maybe you slept wrong or ate something weird, but whatever the culprit, don’t let it mess with your beauty routine! Use this easy-to-apply stick to help get rid of any inflammation before applying your makeup.



7. Oil Blotting Sheets

When you don’t want to constantly put on more makeup to cover that shine, oil blotting sheets are incredibly handy. Simply take the sheet and slowly blot your T-zone (do not smear or rub around), then throw it away!

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8. Q-tips

This is probably one of our biggest beauty hacks and it costs less than $2! Q-tips, or our makeup erasers, help with your makeup application process in so many ways. Aside from cleaning up that awkward winged eyeliner look, Q-tips can help to shape your brows, help contour your lips and even apply eyeshadow in the corners of your eye if you’re in a pinch.


9. Makeup Setting Mist

You’ve set your primer before makeup application, but sometimes you just want some extra reassurance. Use a setting spray to make sure that perfectly applied eyeshadow or contoured facial makeup won’t smudge. These bottles are usually pretty big, so transfer to little spritzer bottles so you can touch up throughout the day.


10. Eyelash Glue

If you love wearing fake eyelashes from time to time, then you’re probably familiar with this struggle: you buy a whole new lash kit with glue, use the lashes once and misplace the rest of the glue, leaving you to buy a whole new kit again. Make sure you always keep that bottle in a tiny pocket somewhere so it won’t get lost in the shuffle and don’t keep paying an additional $3-4 on that little glue.

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