5 Bad Hair Day Hacks You Need To Know

Don't wig out

Have you ever woken up for something you were so excited for only to find that your hair is just not cooperating? Maybe it’s the humidity or perhaps you’ve fried your hair with heated styling tools. Whatever the reason, we’ve got 5 bad hair day hacks that will get you through this epically bad hair day.

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1. Hat

Probably the easiest remedy is to use a hat to cover that frizzy, greasy or otherwise bad hair. Luckily, hats are in right now! Keep it casual and sporty with a baseball cap or use a trendy, straw boater hat to give you a bit of a hipster vibe.

5 Bad Hair Day Hacks You Need To Know: Hat

Source: Pinterest

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2. Braids

If you find that your hair is just not cooperating with any style you try to put it into, braids are the necessary next step. Try a halo braid to take care of oily roots, dutch or french braids for frizz and if you’re just looking to give you hair a break from all of the torture you put it through, pigtail braids are perfect!

5 Bad Hair Day Hacks You Need To Know: Braid

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3. Messy Bun

The ever popular messy bun. Known as the go-to solution for girls that just have no time, this is also a great solution to your bad hair day. If your hair just won’t stand for any styling whatsoever, it’s time for the bun. Just take a hair band and loosely throw up your hair. The messier, the better.

5 Bad Hair Day Hacks You Need To Know: Messy Bun

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4. Dry Shampoo

If your hair is just too greasy, oily or unmanageable, dry shampoo can help. Dry shampoo has special ingredients to get hair to stiffen up and cooperate without looking like a crispy, hairspray head. Make sure to use an organic or natural solution so you don’t harm the pores on your head.

5 Bad Hair Day Hacks You Need To Know: Dry Shampoo

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5. Bandana

Boho babes have been using this trick forever! If you want draw attention away from your hair and towards your forehead and face, this is the perfect hack! Watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to master the turban twist or go for a 90’s inspired look with a classic bandana.

5 Bad Hair Day Hacks You Need To Know: Bandana

Source: Pinterest