5 Times We LOVED Our Mom’s Retro Makeup Looks

This makeup is a blast from the past

Moms, grandmas, aunts, and older sisters are wonderful. They share their dating advice and hand-me-downs, and provide encouragement when we need it most. The ladies in our lives are always willing to pass on their knowledge

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Style is cyclical, which means that trends that were en vogue in the past will eventually become popular again. We may have pulled out old photo albums of our parents in their pre-children years and laughed at the crazy things they were wearing, but now we’re admiring these retro looks from days gone by.

Old Hollywood glamour is a timeless look. It’s time to brush up on your detective skills and scour for photos of your great, great grandma. Over-lined lips are back in style, after all!

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There’s a good chance your grandma’s eyebrows were on fleek in the 50’s. Groomed brows, eyeliner, and ruby red lips is not an uncommon makeup look, and we have the 1950s to thank.



Big fluffy eyelashes, cat-eyes, and pouty lips defined the 70’s. This look is natural yet flirty, perfect for school or a Friday night concert.



The 80’s was a decade full of rainbow colors. You’ve definitely got everything you need to recreate a Madonna concert look – colorful eyeshadows and berry lips!

5 Times We LOVED Our Mom’s Retro Makeup Looks: 80s




All-matte everything was the 90s in a nutshell. A swipe of any of NYX’s matte lipsticks will make you feel like you’re drinking coffee at Central Perk with the gang from Friends.




Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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