6 Messy Updos That Are So Easy You Can Do Them on Your Laziest Days

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Summer is here and that means three things for sure: You want to sleep in late, you want to get your hair off your neck in the hot, hot heat, and you want to still be happy with how your hair looks every single morning (or, okay, afternoon). Here are 6 messy updos that are so easy you can do them even on your laziest of days.

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1. The Side Bun 

The side bun is an awesome and versatile look. Paired with simple shorts and a t-shirt, it looks casual and laid-back, but pair it with a sundress and strappy sandals and—BAM—you have summer elegance that’s insanely easy to achieve.

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Here’s a great tutorial for getting the side bun in three minutes flat (AKA you can wake up at 11:57 and still be ready by noon):


2. The Messy High Bun

Want to get that hair even higher off your neck? When it’s really scorching outside, go for a classic: The messy high bun.

Here’s one you can pull off in less than five minutes:


3. The Classic Topknot 

If you love the messy high bun but you’re like, “five whole minutes? That’s too long for me on my laziest days,” then your go-to is the topknot. It’s a classic for a reason.

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Plus, you can do it in literally one minute flat.


4. The Messy Boho Updo 

If you have some bobby pins and a lot of creativity to funnel into your hair, try a fun boho take on the low bun.

Here’s a tutorial we love for this look:


5. Messy Loose Updo

If you have a little more time on your hands (like, say, 12 minutes), you can go for something that’s quick and also basically prom-ready with a loose messy updo.

Here’s a tutorial with a model in a literal wedding dress, so you know it’s fancy.


6. Messy Braided Bun

This one takes *slightly* more effort, but it’s totally worth it. The braid adds a perfectly fun, summer element to the updo (and helps keep your hair in place).

Here’s an easy tutorial to get the look yourself:


Featured Image Source: Cute Girl Hairstyles

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