Experiment With These 7 Fun Beauty Trends This Spring

Try These Trending Looks

We love spring for more than just its warmer weather. We also love spring for it’s newest and hottest trends. The spring of 2017’s theme seem to be experimentation and lots of it. From bold colors to glitter and gloss, we’re in love with all these looks! Try some of these out in the privacy of your own home or own it out on the town. 

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1. Matte Eyeliner

With matte just about everywhere, it’s not very surprising that matte has found its way to your eyeliner. This new and improved way to highlight your eyes is now in a sleek, matte finish. Though some of these eyeliner tools lack the precision of classic, gel eyeliner, you’ll find the look is still just as sharp.

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2. Peachy Hues

What’s more springtime than peach? Okay, so it’s a summer fruit, but there’s just something about this orangey-pink that makes us crave the upcoming season. Peach isn’t only used as our blush this spring but as eyeshadow and lipstick! The fruity color is feminine enough to bring out your girly side and neutral enough to match with just about any outfit in your closet.

3. Underliner

Winged eyeliner might just be the most timeless and hottest look there is. But this season is turning things upside down, literally. Instead of focusing on your upper lid, try a dramatic underliner. We like the smokey smudged look or a sharp glitter liner, but you could go as wild as your little MUA-heart desires.

4. Glossed Everything

Another retro look is among us. This time, it’s the 2000’s super gloss look. But this time around, it ain’t just our lips that we’re glossing. We’re glossing our cheeks and our eyebrows too! However there is a fine line with the application. If done correctly, this look is incredibly chic. 

5. Glitter Lips

Glitter lips always seem make their way onto the runway, but for the first time, it’s actually making its way to our homes. With glitter roots, glitter eyes and glitter cheeks, it’s only natural that the shine found its way to your lips. Not only are glitter lips trending, but it’s actually becoming a statement look! Simply apply little, natural-looking makeup on your face. Then, use your glitter lips like jewelry so everyone’s eye will naturally draw to your pout.

6. Bold Colors

Talk about some serious experimentation. Last year was all about electric blue and deep purple lips. But 2017 is taking it up a notch. MAC Cosmetics and Kat Von D are releasing lipsticks in just about every color you can think of! So if you’re trying to stand out in the crowd (or on Instagram) try a lime green or bright orange lipstick.

7. Colorful Mascara

Do you remember purple, blue and pink mascara from your youth? We’re not just playing dress up anymore but experimenting even further. Much like our colorful lips, it’s time to dress up our lashes in bold hues. Think like the glitter lip look and keep this one simple. 

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