9 Nail Polishes That Give Us All of the Winter Vibes

Perfectly Posh Nail Polishes

You can feel it in the air: the crisp air, the longer nights, the high fashion. Something about winter makes our nail game strong. And before the cold comes along, we need to treat ourselves to a winter mani and pedi. We’re seriously feeling these winter inspired nail colors. From moody emeralds to metallics, these nail polishes will get you through the coldest season with incredible taste and style.

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1. Icy Blue

This baby/ice blue combo is giving us all the Frozen feels. Perfectly posh yet still has that gentle pastel palette that is incredibly feminine.

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2. Ruby Red

This color borders on vampiress but is perfectly acceptable to wear during the Christmas season. Reds are incredibly vintage and deep red makes a more sophisticated statement.

3. Silver Chrome

Part robot, part Winter Wonderland. This silver color makes us feel like there’s tinsel everywhere while floating through space. There’s just something so space age about metallics.

4. Black

Every season is black-nail season. Pull it off with the blackest of black or make it festive with a coat of glitter on top. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

5. Metallic Emerald

Emerald is another Christmas staple color, so why not go futuristic? The metallic sheen gives a more chic look to the polish and gives you a moody feel throughout the holidays.

6. Tan Suede

Like the taste of hot chocolate or warm gingerbread, browns scream winter. But nothing is more chic than this neutral tan color, gracefully blending in.

7. Slate Grey

Grey and silver are kind of in the same family right? Because we’re feeling this neutral version of that metallic chrome a few numbers up. Neutrals are the epitome of the winter season.

8. Red Wine

Like the endless bottles your parents receive over the holidays, your nails runneth over in this divine color. The wine color is a cross between ruby red and black and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

9. Gold Glitter

How else are you supposed to ring in the New Year? Get these on your nails to feel like a chic disco diva with confetti all over.

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