’90s Hairstyles That Are Back and Better Than Ever

Crimped is back to being cool

With deep berry lips and chokers being all the rage from runways to Instagram, the ‘90s have been having a major renaissance when it comes to our beauty and fashion choices. Now the decade that brought us flannel and platforms is influencing our current hair choices. From crimped and brightly hued ‘dos to rad accessories, here are the ’90s hairstyles that are back — and better than ever.

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1. The Half-Up

Pulling your hair half up, while wearing the other half down, was alllll the rage back then. This is the perf look for those times when you want your hair off your face, but you also want something a bit more elegant than a ponytail. Hailee Steinfeld wears the look beautifully.

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2. Crimped and Colored

When you want to explore your wilder side, Katy Perry rocks two trends that were huge back in the ’90s: crimped hair and a brightly colored ‘do. You can easily pull off both looks separately, but if you want to “Roar” like the pop singer, why not try both?


3. Pigtails

Funky pigtails are a cute style to try out whether you’re hitting the gym or hanging out with your squad. For an extra touch of glam, take a cue from Bella Hadid and French braid yours.


4. Middle Part

The side part and bangs are tossed to the side, thanks to the return of the middle part. This hairstyle, which Elizabeth Olson wears amazingly, is both casual and chic, and easily works with beach days or movie date nights.


5. Soft Tendrils

Pulling two strands in front of your face was the ultimate glam look back in the ’90s whenever you pulled back your hair into an up do. Now the look is more balanced and even more gorge — as Gigi Hadid proves.


6. Hair Accessories

Thankfully, hair accessories like butterfly clips and scrunchies of the ’90s have been replaced with sophisticated updates like elegant barrettes and delicate hairbands, like the ones Janelle Monae perfectly wears.


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