Amazing Beauty Products You Might Not Have Heard About

but you should definitely check out

Admit it, you’re always on the lookout for new beauty products. So we decided to list some awesome ones you should know about.

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Nail Soakers  

Tired of how long it takes just to take off your nail polish? Soak your nails in these little bubbles while you do something else – problem solved! These also work great for gels and fake nails. So much easier than going to the salon or having that super mess of cotton balls all over your bathroom sink! Buy em’ here!

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Donut Hair Curlers 

This Korean hair brand has the right idea! It’s an easy way to sleep on your curlers. Plus, you wake up with amazing curls! Simply wind your hair around the barrel of the curler and attach. Find them here!

Temp Tattoo Freckles

Yes, you did read that correctly. If you weren’t gifted with freckles dusting your nose and cheeks, fake em’ with these cute tats. Even better, they come in gold specks like a normal flash tat would. So cute! Find them here!

Lip Tattoos

While you won’t be going under the buzzing pen of a real tattoo artist, these are like the next best thing. While this looks like an actual sticker, it’s more like a temp tat for your lips! And just check out all these designs.

Sticky Head Cotton Q-tips

We all know Q-tips are pro at cleaning up minor mistakes, but these aren’t any normal Q-tips, oh no! These have a sticky side at the end of one of the Q-tips to help pick up eyeshadow fallout, fix lipstick that has bled out of your lip line, and crumbly mascara. Amazing! Swipe them here.