Athleisure Makeup is a Thing

And here’s what you need to know about it

Athleisure is a huge thing in the world of fashion. In case you’ve somehow missed the trend, it’s kind of the best: Clothes that are comfy enough to wear to the gym or on a hike, but cute and stylish enough to wear out in public running your regular errands or when you go to class.

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Now, Athleisure is entering the beauty world, too. The idea? Pretty much the same as Athlesiure fashion, but you know, for your face. Allure introduced us to the Tarte Athleisure Line and the products are great for active beauty lovers everywhere (and you don’t actually have to wear it to the gym if you still prefer to go fresh-faced during an actual workout, obviously).


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The mascara is smudge-proof, meaning it won’t run if you get your sweat on. The moisturizer is ultra-hydrating, for when you need replenish fluids. The blotters and finishing powder are everything you need to ward off T-zone shine and there’s even a tinted moisturizer and a tooth-whitening stick, because why not?

The whole collection is available on Tarte’s website.

Features Image Source: Elle