Beat The Heat With These Stunning Summer Hairstyles

8 Cute Hairstyles That You Must Try This Season

style=”font-weight:400;”>Spring and Fall seasons may own the fashion world, but when it comes to hair, Summer is King (or Queen as we like to call it). In addition to keeping up with the latest swimwear and makeup trends, now is the time to get a little wild with your hair! But what styles with help you beat the summer heat? These 9 hairstyles are EVERYTHING when it comes to style this summer.

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1. Wet Hair

Lucky for us, the wet look is in this season. So whether you’re wearing this trend on purpose or just stepped out of the pool, you’ll be incredibly fashionable. All you need to do is brush your hair while it’s still wet and add a bit of gel or mousse to keep that shiny look.

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2. Sleek Hair

Similar to the wet hair look, only with a bit more refinement. It not only makes you look more polished but incredibly chic as well! Just part your hair down the middle, add a little mouse and comb down. Leave your hair behind your ears or use a bobby pin on both sides to hold in place.

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3. Thick Bangs

There’s something very offbeat about thick bangs and we absolutely love it! The look helps shorten more locks, allowing you to breathe this summer and also makes your hair look more volumized. When you head to your hairdresser, let ‘em know you want thick and voluminous bangs this summer!


4. Medium Blunt Chop

If you love a shorter look but aren’t ready to chop it all away, cut it to your shoulders! Perfect for styling and wearing a bit of length yet breathable for the summer heat. Make sure you cut bluntly and without a whole lot of layering.

This earring is never coming off 🔗 🆗

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5. Dutch Braids

One of my personal favorites is still in season this year (though I find it hard to believe braids will ever completely leave the fashion world). Typical dutch pigtails are perfect for a day trip to the beach, but get a little creative! Try an upside down dutch bun or multiple dutch braids for something a bit different.


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6. Accent Braids

If your hair could use a little something extra, then you’ll be happy to know that accent braids are all the rage this summer. Throw a peek-a-boo braid under your mane or style a cute braid along your hairline.

New hairstyle 💜

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7. The Rachel

Thanks to Hailey Baldwin, ‘The Rachel’ haircut is back with full force. Whether you’re a Ross & Rachel super fan or barely watched an episode, you’ll fall in love with this style for it’s volume and easy-to-style length. Plus, the warm color is the perfect glow for the summer season.


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8. Au Naturale

Beauty gurus and hair trends have been telling us for years that it’s perfectly okay to fry our hair in the name of fashion. Finally, our hair is getting a much needed break. This summer, it’s all about natural curls, so put those straighteners and hair wands away! Whether you’ve got an afro or loose waves, OWN your natural mane.

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