Beauty: 7 Gorgeous Helix Eyeliner Wings

This isn't makeup, it's art

Just when you think you’ve mastered the winged eyeliner, there’s something new to learn. Instagram is blowing up with swirled eyeliner, a trend where it looks like a design is wrapped around your standard liner wing. We are in loooove with these seven designs!

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1. Nikki Tutorials Scream Queens Red Devil
Queen Nikki has done it again with this Chanel-meets-red-devil swirled eyeliner.

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2. Glam & Gore’s Rainbow Helix
We’re suckers for rainbows.


3. Glitter Helix
Glitter makes any eyeliner 50x more glam (trust me, it’s science).


4. Fairytale Helix
This helix is so romantic you’ll catch a prince in no time.


5. Ombre Helix
In case everybody wasn’t already amazed with your makeup skill, you can absolutely floor them with this gorgeous ombre. Watch the tutorial.

6. Perfectly Pink Snake Helix
The cutest reptile to ever grace your face.


7. Double Helix

This one belongs in a museum! If our helixes looked this precise, we’d never wash our face again.