There’s a New Limited Edition Beautyblender That Looks Like Cotton Candy

And it's only available for a short time

No makeup kit is complete without a beautyblender—an egg-shaped sponge used to apply everything from foundation to concealer to cream blushes with a streak-free finish. They’re even great for putting on skincare products and self tanners.

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The beautyblender’s four most common colors are pink (the “original”), nude (specifically for foundation), white (“pure” for skincare), and black (the “pro”). Mini beautyblenders used for highlighting and contouring small areas come in neon green. But never before has there been a beautyblender quite like this.

beautyblender pink swirl instagram 1

Image Source: Instagram

The beautyblender swirl is a marbled pink color that looks like cotton candy, and no two sponges are exactly the same. Like the other full-size beautyblenders, it retails for $20. The beautyblender swirl is officially available at Sephora on July 8.

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Beautyblender hasn’t revealed how long this cotton candy sponge will be available for, but they are calling it “limited edition,” so if you want to add this to your toolkit you better act quickly. Just make sure you clean it after every use to keep that summery white and pink swirl looking fresh!

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