Beauty Blogger Creates Stunning Makeup Looks for Every Zodiac Sign

Gorgeous is in the stars

If you’re one of those diehard horoscope fans, or even someone who casually glances at what the stars have to say about your life, then you’ll looooove this Instagram account. Beauty blogger Setareh Hosseini has created some pretty amazing astrological makeup looks for each zodiac sign, which are truly out of this world.

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Using beautiful makeup along with minimal props, the Toronto-based MUA has made each zodiac sign come to life in the most gorgeous way ever. We can’t say we are entirely surprised. Scroll through Hosseini’s account, and you’ll spot her other makeup looks — like a unicorn and a glittery skeleton — that are simply breathtaking. The best part? Her stunning interpretations are both on-trend and not overly done up. So, if you wanted to take some beauty inspiration from your particular zodiac sign for the upcoming Christmas dance, you totally could.

Check out her awesome astrological creations below:


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Fiery and passionate, Aries always take life by the horns — and in some beautiful browns.



Strong willed and determined, nothing holds back a Taurus.



Two gorgeous sides complement the witty and intelligent Gemini.



Emotional and deep, Cancer is the ultimate moon child.



The true lioness: confident, beautiful, and always the center of attention.



The clever Virgo is also a beautiful innocent soul.



Charming and perfectly balanced is what makes a Libra so sweet.



All passion + a touch of the dark side = Scorpio.



The adventuress who always steers her own ship.



Elegant and confident and always super loyal.



Eccentric and uniquely beautiful are the unique traits of Aquarius.



Spiritual and whimsical, like a fish in the water you can’t catch.