A Beauty Blogger Just Applied Makeup with a Hard Boiled Egg

And people are FREAKING OUT

When people get creative with their beauty routine, the internet takes notice. That’s why, when beauty blogger Nadi (of the channel Pop Luxe) posted a video about how to blend foundation and concealer using only a hardboiled egg, people absolutely lost it.

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“Oh my gosh—this is actually working really, really well,” he said, according to StyleCaster. “It feels like a really cold SiliSponge, but it smells like sewage, so that’s a turnoff.”



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As StyleCaster points out, the video is probably a joke or at least a statement on all the “hacks” that go viral on the internet, but TBH, even his not-so-serious hack is seriously effective. You can watch the full video here.

Featured Image Source: Bustle