Beauty Essentials to Keep In Your Locker

Make this semester the best ever

The holidays are over and everyone is back to school, ready and excited for the new semester to begin. Of course, things can always go wrong throughout the school day. That’s why it’s important to have your locker beauty essentials in tow along with your boss new trapper keeper on the way to your first class of the semester.

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When you’re collecting items to add to your locker, it’s important to think about versatility. Most of the precious real estate of your locker is dedicated to bulky things like your books, coat, or backpack – a stockpile of products is just unnecessary. Here are the things you should to keep in your locket that will help you survive the school day.

Hand Sanitizer
Between vending machines, water fountains, desks, and doorknobs, you come in contact with a lot of germs throughout the day. Keep your hands clean between classes with a cute travel-sized hand sanitizer.

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Tinted Lip Balm
Eliminate the need for separate lip color and lip balms by choosing a tinted moisturizer like this one to add color and hydration to your lips before a big presentation.

Travel Sized Deodorant
Do we even need to go into the reasons why you should have deodorant in your locker? The person you sit next to in class after PE will thank you.

Scented Lotion
Moisturize AND smell great! If you have a scented lotion, you don’t need to also have a perfume or body spray in your locker.

Running to class, getting hit in the head with a volleyball in PE, and anxiously running your hands through your hair before a big test can leave you a frizzy mess. Toss a smoothing hairbrush in your collection to always look polished.

Your Favorite Healthy Snack
Dealing with school when you’re hangry is the worst. Keep protein bars or your favorite non-perishable snack in your locker for a quick energy boost.

Throw all of these essentials into a cute pouch or pencil case to keep them easily in reach whenever you need them, and have a great semester!