Beauty Products You Should Try in 2017

Up your makeup game this year

New Year, new you! So why not be adventurous and try tons of new beauty products! You only live once, right?

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Totally lost on which products to try? No worries, we got you. Here are the best products to try this year:

Liquid Lipstick  

Liquid lipstick has been around for a while and I gotta say I LOVE the smudge proof, matte feel of these trendy lipsticks. We all know the big brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Lime Crime, Colourpop and NYX all have KILLER liquid lipsticks.

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So if you haven’t gotten on the liquid lip band wagon, now is the time!

Face Cleansing Brush 

We could all be better at washing our face, especially when it comes to making sure all that foundation gets out of our pores. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to try a spinning face brush.

Try this one! All the cleaning power but still affordable.

Witch Hazel

If you haven’t been toning your skin, you need to up your face care! Toning your skin should be a part of every face washing routine. The BEST product to use to really clean those pores is some ole’ fashioned Witch Hazel. If your grandma’s been using it since the ’50s, you know it has to be good! Plus, it smells SO good and clears up problem skin super quick!

Better Foundation  

2017 is the year of flawless skin, so try a foundation that not only looks AMAZING but helps treat your acne-prone skin too! This powder foundation goes on so easy and has awesome coverage!

Bright Eyeliner

Light up your eyes with some seriously stunning eyeliner! While we always have place in our heart for black liner, this year go outside your comfort zone and try some blue, green, and purple liner! It’s so pretty and really ups your look. Plus, these felt liners are an awesome dupe for Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner!

Color Correcting Makeup

If you haven’t experimented with color correcting, now is the time! Nothing is better than taking away any redness, dullness or dark circles with just a swipe of color! Pro tip: apply the color correction and then your foundation or concealer.

Detoxing Face Masks  

Glam Glow makes this amazing mask that just strips all the gunk out of your face! Plus it’s tons of fun to put on. And for you K-beauty lovers, this carbonated bubble mask is for you! It bubbles and fizzes on your face and leaves you feeling so refreshed.


Makeup Subscription Boxes  

If you aren’t getting makeup delivered to your door, you are not LIVING! With soooo many different makeup boxes to get by mail, you really have no excuse to not try it. What’s great about these is you get a few diff samples every month catered to what you need! You’ll no longer get random bronzer that’s too dark or a weird hair creme that’s not meant for your hair. You customize a profile on your online account, noting everything from scents you like, your skin tone and hair texture PLUS soooo much more.

Once you are in love with a small sample you can get a full-size bottle from their store! More than half my makeup collection has been outfitted by my Birchbox. They know what makeup I want even before I do! Try Ipsy, Glossybox or Birchbox, just to name a few.

Now go have a fun and fabulous 2017!