This is the Best Eye Shadow Palette for Your Eye Color

You'll only ever need to buy one

Investing in an eye shadow palette is, well, an investment. Unlike buying a single eye shadow color, you’re committing to a fairly large selection of shades, and that can come at a steeper price. You want to make sure the majority of the colors in the palette are going to be ones you’ll not only use but will love as well, since the palette is going to last a long time, and that means making sure they complement your eye color.

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Brown Eyes

Try: “Modern Renaissance” by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Make the warm tones in your brown eyes pop with a palette that features reds, pinks, and oranges inspired by the colors of the Renaissance. Go bold with a dark brown like “Cyprus Umber” or master an every day casual look with “Warm Taupe.” When accented by warm colors like “Venetian Red,” “Realgar,” “Love Letter,” or “Red Ochre,” brown eyes will absolutely shine. “Vermeer” and “Primavera” make for perfect inner corner and brow bone highlighters, while “Golden Ochre,” “Raw Sienna,” and “Burnt Orange” give you lighter warm tones to play with.

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best eye shadow palette for your eye color modern renaissance

Image Source: Sephora

Blue Eyes

Try: “Naked Smoky” by Urban Decay

Dark steel tones and warm browns will bring out blue eyes like magic. The cool tones in “Dagger” and “Slanted” will accentuate your icy blues, while the warmth in “Whiskey,” “Radar,” and “Dirty Sweet” will soften them. “Password” is the perfect taupe shade for casual days, while you can really crank up the intensity with “Black Market” and “Smolder.” Keep things light and bright with “High” and “Dirty Sweet”; this palette gives you endless options for blue eyes.

best eye shadow palette for your eye color naked smoky

Image Source: Sephora

Green Eyes

Try: “The Chocolate Bar” by Too Faced

Give yourself a whole array of neutrals to work with to complement your green eyes. The deep chocolatey browns in this palette play great with earthy greens, like “Gilded Ganache,” “Triple Fudge,” “Semi Sweet,” “Amaretto,” and “Haute Chocolate”—not to mention they sound delicious. For a fun look, try playing with the purple shade “Candied Violet.” The two larger, lighter shades, “White Chocolate” and “Champagne Truffle,” are great for blending and highlighting. This palette even provides two mid-tone shades, “Milk Chocolate” and “Salted Caramel,” for easy weekday makeup for green eyes.

best eye shadow palette for your eye color chocolate bar

Image Source: Sephora

Hazel Eyes

Try: “Matte Exposure” by Smashbox

To best bring out those golden undertones in hazel eyes, look to the opposite side of the color wheel and grab some purple eye shadow. “Black Plum,” the dark purple shade, and “Drizzle,” the more muted purple, will make your hazel eyes positively sparkle. Deep burgundy “Blackberry” and dark brown “Sumatra” are perfect for more daring nighttime looks, while an assortment of light yet warm neutral shades such as “Desert,” “Tonal,” and “Buff” make for great daytime makeup.

best eye shadow palette for your eye color matte exposure

Image Source: Sephora

After you choose the best eye shadow palette for your eye color, be sure to learn exactly how to figure out your skin’s undertone so you can choose the best foundation for you, too.

Featured Image Source: Talking About Beauty