Beyond The Wing: Experimenting With Eyeliner Shape

Precise, Artistic, and Bold

Dressing up your eyes is one of the most fun and inventive parts of makeup artistry. But once you excel at a certain eyeliner routine, it’s tempting to stick with it and avoid experimenting with new shapes and techniques. But you know you can learn a new method, so why not learn more ways to work with eyeliner shapes and become a total eye expert? Here’s some creative looks to try.

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Graphic Eyes

This bold, block style is perfect if you’re looking for a powerful statement. It makes a thick line from the inner to the outer side of the lid, making you look like one futuristic babe.

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White Cat Eye

Instead of a traditional cat eye, try a white eyeliner to make the look fresh. The effect is more opening and awake, which is especially helpful if you have smaller eyes or a tendency to look tired.


Colored Pencils As Eyeliner

This may not be an everyday look, but it’s great for special occasions. Watch this episode of Makeup Mythbusters to see Maybaby and Chloe East try it out.



An underline is a risky look, because it can drag eyes downward. But it’s fashion-forward enough to complement a mod outfit or an out-of-the-ordinary event.


Artistic Lining

Okay, this one admittedly takes some practice. Luckily, there’s tons of inspiration all over the web. Use photos and templates to get an idea of the zig zag or curved lines you like, then practice getting the symmetry and filling in perfectly.


Featured Image Source: Unsplash