I Wore Blue Lipstick For a Whole Day

Here's what happened

Blue lipstick has been ruling the fashion world for a while now. I mean just look at how chic it can look!

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But unlike its more mainstream red and pink lipstick cousins, blue lipstick maybe seem a little too extreme for the everyday lipstick wearer. Myself included.

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However as a hardcore believer that fashion is supposed to be fun, and with my confidence levels as big as Kim K, I set out on an adventure of wearing blue lipstick for an entire day.

And spoiler alert is wasn’t nearly as awe-inducing as I thought it was going to be.

Now there are TONS of different shades of blue lipstick out there and I decided to go with a bright shade.

Very bright!

Blue as the sea 🌊

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Key to blue lips: Make sure your nails match!

Now donning my sea blue lips, I started my day sipping my iced latte at a local hipster coffee shop. Between overpriced espresso, the manbuns and nasal piercings, I wasn’t the most shocking-looking person in the joint.

👌🏼☕️ early morning coffee

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I got tons of compliments from the barista, but I also got TONS of stares from the crabby-looking guy I shared an outlet with. But like w/e he was just jelly that he wasn’t pulling off this haute alien lip look I had going on.

Next I was off to my brow appointment! I got even more compliments! People would stop me and tell me how much they “loved the color” and how “high-fashioned” it looked, which is always nice to hear after getting wax ripped off your brows.


Best part! I still didn’t have to touch up my lipstick yet, and this is after hours of running errands and drinking my weight in coffee! This stuff stayed on!

At some point during the day I totally forgot I was even wearing it.

Quick stop at Traders Joe’s and that’s where I got a little more weird looks.

🌼🌼🌼 @millersroom

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I mean I get it. You don’t expect to see blue lipstick on someone when you’re looking for the avocados. But I still felt super comfortable wearing the shade wherever I went!

And finally Target. I tried to go to as many places that would have tons of people, and Target on Wednesday night WAS as crazy as people trying to get into Kylie’s pop up shop.

After more than a handful of stares from some mothers and their young children, I also got tons of smiles. Which warmed my blue lipstick-wearing heart.

Brb #target run 🏃🏼🎯🎯🎯🎯

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All and all what I learned from a day of wearing unconventional lipstick is that if you do something unexpected fashion-wise, someone will compliment you for either being totally on trend and looking F-I-N-E or even just having the confidence to wear something out of the ordinary.

People told me all day they could “never pull something like that off.” And that’s the whole reason I did this. I didn’t think I could either. But I also made a lot of people smile whether they liked the lipstick or thought I looked nuts, who knows. Whatever it was, I felt really good wearing something so different, and I encourage everyone to add a little bit of “crazy” into their outfits everyday!

The major key to pulling off anything is a heavy dose of confidence!