Blur Sticks Are the Answer to Your Beauty Prayers

Buh Bye, oily face

If you’re looking to make any new beauty resolutions this year, adding a blur stick to your cosmetics bag should definitely be one of them.

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So what’s exactly a “blur stick”? Well, basically, it does exactly what it sounds like — it blurs your face. But don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds; it’s actually really flattering.

You know how awesome you look on Snap? Well, blurring sticks remove the need for Snapchat filters. Touted as a “universal face filter,” the product, like Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick, replaces your primer, and is the best thing that’s ever happen to an oily-faced girl. Not only does it provide super matte coverage, but it also banishes your pores (or shrinks them down so super tiny that they’re pretty much invisible).

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The “blurring” is the result of light-diffusing powder that blends into the skin to reduce fine lines and the visibility of pores. It’s magic in a stick!

The blur stick is said to leave skin smooth — not sticky — and it’s portable, so you can easily wear it on the go, or stash it into your backpack or purse for quick touch ups.

Sounds pretty porefect to us!