Bold Lip Products That Moisturize

Vibrant but Never Dry

A bold lip color is one easy way to liven up your makeup routine. But when it’s still chilly out, you run the risk of getting chapped lips if you fail to stay moisturized. When your lips are dry, it’s actually much more difficult for color to stay on. Your skin has to be hydrated for makeup to take hold. These amazing lip products will give you the best of both worlds.

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Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss ($17)

Clinique designed this balm to keep your lips healthy while also providing a punch of color. Clinique’s products are well-regarded for their healthy skin benefits, and this gloss is no exception.

Bold Lip Products That Moisturize; Clinique

Source: Clinique

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Butter London Lippy Moisture Matte ($13.20)  

This lipstick from Butter London not only has gel capsules to provide moisture, it also has a silky matte finish for a classy end result. This lipstick pampers your pout with a triple butter complex composed of mango, murumuru, and cupuacu seed butters.

Borghese B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolor ($29.50) 

This lipstick has a long-lasting moisture formula. You can reapply less often than you’d have to with another lipstick and still stay hydrated. Advanced Care comes in beautiful deep purples, reds, and browns.

Bold Lip Products That Moisturize; Borghese

Source: Skodot

bareMinerals GenNude Matte Liquid Lipcolor ($18)

This product is lightweight so it won’t overwhelm your sensitive dry lips. It will also help to heal them. You can find this popular bareMinerals lip product in 60 shades and 4 finishes!


Bold Lip Products That Moisturize; bareMinerals

Source: Sephora


Featured Image Source: Unsplash