Can We Guess Your Eyebrow Shape?

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The trend of having fierce eyebrows isn’t going away anytime soon! Let us guess what type of eyebrows you’re sporting by taking this fun quiz!

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1). What is your drive-thru order?

A. Burger, fries and a shake! Classic.

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B. Anything from the breakfast menu!

C. Chicken Nuggies all the way, which extra sauce for dipping!

D.  A coffee frappe and something low cal.


2). Go to lipstick shade?

A. Bright red! Aim to be noticed.

B.  Something pink that’s subtle but can slay all day.

C. Just some Burts Bees chapstick for me!

D. A sleek gloss!


3). You totally forgot your World History assignment at home and it’s your day to present! What do you do? 

A. Wing it! You remember *most* of how the Mayans founded agriculture. Plus, with your confidence every one will hopefully believe what you say..

B. Pull your teacher aside and come clean. Maybe he’ll let you go tomorrow?

C. Uh oh. I suddenly feel like I might have the flu! Can I go to the nurse?

D. Hope he forgets it’s your turn today and don’t make any eye contact with him.


4). Your crush sends you a flirty snap! What do you send back!?

A. A cute selfie with an even cuter filter!

B. Something random from my room with funny text over it. And tons of stickers.

C. Use one of those filters that make my head or nose gigantic. Nothing better than making him laugh!

D. I can’t! WAYYY to much pressure!


5). If you could go shop with any celeb who would it be?

A. Beyoncé! She can give me all her secrets to reach my inner slay!

B. Kylie Jenner! She’s the queen of looking good! Maybe I’ll get a free lipkit out of it?!

C. Taylor Swift! Love her style!

D. Gigi Hadid! Her off duty, simple style is so me!


If you answered mostly A’s

You have Instagram brows!

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You got stunning brows! Perfectly tweezed and arched, you could easily be a beauty guru! You confidence is major draw to the people around you, and while you can be kinda dramatic, it’s only because you’re so passionate!


If you answered mostly B’s

You got low arched brows!

You aren’t a slave to your tweezers or your makeup counter, but you do enjoy being glam every now and then! You embrace your natural look with just a little help from your fave products like a nice eyebrow gel or some rose tinted cheek stain. You’re calm and super book smart! Some may even call you the mom of the friend group!


If you answered mostly C’s

You have bushy brows!

Au naturale! Stick it to the man! You don’t put your brows in a box, you just let them be! You’re hilarious and seriously creative! You know how to make anybody laugh and are the queen of your group chat! Keep rocking those big bad brows!


If you answered mostly D’s 

You have thin brows!

You are the heart and soul of your friend group, you’re always a great shoulder to cry on and give the best presents! While you may let your nerves get to you sometimes, you always speak your mind!

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