Catching Up With The Girl Who Spent $733 On Her Mom’s Credit Card At Sephora

She's launching a YouTube channel 🙌

You remember Alex Dello as the girl who went viral for accidentally spending $733 on her mom’s credit card on Sephora‘s website. Now, she’s turning her obvious passion for beauty and makeup into a brand new endeavor, as a YouTuber. Alex is launching a beauty channel and we got the chance to chat with her about her new project and what it’s like rising to viral internet fame.

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ATV: When did you realize you’d officially gone viral? What was your reaction? 

I realized I had gone viral when almost every social media site I went on had my face on it—Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed, even Teen Vogue had reposted my video and written articles about the situation. I was ecstatic about my “five minutes of fame” that now has come much further than just that.

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ATV: How did your mom react when she found out you’d spent so much at Sephora?

My mom was at work at the time of the purchase, so like any other teenager, I sent her a text. She called me quickly after because I did not include the amount in the text I had sent her. On the phone, I explained how I was working with customer service. My mom was not happy with the amount, but she did respect my honesty and the fact that I was trying to resolve the problem independently—which led her to decide to let me keep the $733 haul.

ATV: How does she feel about the fact that the whole thing went viral? 

She didn’t quite understand [what it meant to go viral] until we started getting phone calls about interviews, and articles written about me. She still can’t wrap her head around the fact that that’s how much influence you have on social media.

ATV: What was your favorite reaction to the whole ordeal?

My favorite reaction from this whole ordeal was probably my first few public spottings from fans! It’s amazing to meet people who know and appreciate you from a public platform, and get the opportunity to meet and appreciate them back. I still love running into followers in public, but the first few interactions were so exciting but also so surreal to me.

ATV: What did you end up doing with all of the makeup? 

I did end up receiving my large makeup haul, which I have shared with some friends, along with my mother. I intend to use my new extensive makeup collection to create a lot of original makeup looks and YouTube videos.

ATV: Are there any products you bought during the big $733 purchase that you particularly regret getting?

I don’t particularly think there are any products I regret getting in this haul. There happened to be a few products that didn’t match exactly to my skin tone since I had purchased them online, not in-store. But the formulas of those products were still amazing and those were some the gifts I have given to friends.

ATV: Have you spent any money on makeup since this happened? 

I actually have spent money on makeup after this situation. I went to Sephora the day after! I spent maybe another $100. What can I say? I didn’t call myself a makeup fiend in my video for no reason. I am a total makeup fanatic. I think of spending money on makeup the same as funding a hobby. If you’re an artist, you need art supplies.

ATV: You’re bringing your makeup looks to YouTube. What can you tell fans about your channel? What kinds of videos can we expect? 

I intend to bring my love of makeup to YouTube because it’s something that I am very passionate about. It is also something that is constantly requested by my followers, but with that being said, the social media world did not fall in love with my makeup, they fell in love with my personality and sense of humor, as well. I definitely do want to have plenty of makeup-related content for my channel but I don’t want to just be your average “tutorial girl.” I also want to show my comedic side and have fun, creative videos on my channel as well.

ATV: Have you always been interested in starting a channel? What piqued your interest in becoming a YouTuber? 

I have in the past thought of starting a YouTube channel, but I never thought that I would have the large following that I am now blessed with. I grew up in the a generation surrounded by social media influencers, But I never thought I would ever become one of them. I want to thank my constantly growing following for this opportunity.

Check out Alex’s channel to follow her makeup tutorials and everything else she does! Here’s a taste of the kind of videos Alex is doing:

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