This is How To Clap Back if Someone Has a Problem With Your Body Hair

This is How To Clap Back if Someone Has a Problem With Your Body Hair

(Photo by Miley Cyrus/Instagram)

Earlier this week, model Arvida Byström dared to let her leg hair show in an Adidas ad, and since then she’s been bombarded by scary, threatening, and completely inappropriate responses.

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The model shared the “offending” picture on Instagram last month, and says she’s been receiving rape threats ever since from people who don’t think it’s acceptable for a woman to show her body hair.


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Byström was understandably shocked by the negative response.

“My photo from the @adidasoriginals superstar campaign got a lot of nasty comments last week,” she wrote on Instagram. “Me being such an abled, white, cis body with its only nonconforming feature being a lil leg hair. Literally I’ve been getting rape threats in my DM inbox. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to not posses all these privileges and try to exist in the world.”

Sadly, Byström isn’t the first female celebrity to be shamed for showing off her natural body hair. In fact, she joins a chorus of women who have done the same, dealt with internet hate of their own — and spoken out against the trolls.

If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, take a page from these badass ladies and clap back at the haters — body hair is totally natural, and you have no reason to feel ashamed for not shaving.


Paris Jackson 

Paris Jackson has posted body-hair positive pics on Instagram, and she’s also walked the red carpet with visible body hair.


She has spoken out about the hate she receives for it, saying, “People are really mad. I wish I could post some of these responses. You can just tell how angry and infuriated these people are… I love hair, and sweat, and BO. I f****** love it, I think it’s great. Some people think that it’s like super disgusting, especially on girls, but every human body does it. It’s natural. Get over it.”


Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has no time for body-hair shaming. After trolls attacked her for walking a red carpet with visible leg hair, Thorne shot back.

She didn’t defend her decision not to shave — but instead responded with a simple, “HAHAHHA NEVER.”


Miley Cyrus 

Miley is a self-declared hippie, and as such, she embraces a totally natural aesthetic. Cyrus doesn’t just let her armpit hair grow, she’s also been known to dye it and decorate it, making it an active part of her self-expression.

#PANK #dirtyhippie

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Actions speak even louder than words, and Cyrus’ unabashed pride in her body hair makes her point loud and clear: Hair is natural, and women shouldn’t be expected to remove it if they don’t want to.

Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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