Color Changing Hair Dye is the Future

This is everything we never knew we needed

In this crazy world of nuanced emotion, don’t you wish you had magical hair to tell you exactly what kind of mood you’re in? There is a new groundbreaking product that may not be able to alert others when you’re happy or grumpy, but it can change color right before your eyes.

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Laura Bowker’s firm The Unseen has created an incredible color changing hair dye. This art house combines chemistry and art to create incredible pieces that often change before your eyes, which is exactly what happens with her incredible new product FIRE.

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The dye reacts to changes in temperature which allows it to change from one color to another and back. Bowker is currently finalizing the colors to release for commercial use.

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Is this chemical concoction safe to use? As stated in Wired, Bowker states that: “Because of how we’ve formulated the dye, we’re confident there will be no damage to the scalp, and no significant effect on the hair fibers themselves (no more than typical semi permanent dyes that is.)”. FIRE isn’t ready to hit the shelves just yet, but don’t worry because toxicology testing is already underway.


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