THIS Is the Guide to Color-Correcting Makeup You Need in Your Life

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If you’ve been dying to get in on the color-correcting makeup trend, but don’t really understand how to start, then YouTuber Kaushal Beauty is here to rescue you. The beauty vlogger has put together a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide to color-correcting that will be your guide as you get started.

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Some basics to keep in mind before you dive in:

  • The idea behind color-correcting is to “cancel out” certain shades that show up in your skin tone by using the color opposite that hue on the color wheel. Keep this in mind because it’s pivotal to successful color-correcting.
  • Go easy on the makeup, especially under your eyes. Under the eyes is one of the most popular places to attempt color-correcting, but remember that less is more. If you put too much makeup on there, you’ll look clumpy and weird, no matter how perfectly you match the color.

Check out Kaushal’s video for all of the tips and the full tutorial on how to pull this technique off:

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Featured Image Source: YouTube