Strobing Is The New Makeup Trend

find out why

We have all been riding the contour train for a while now.

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And let’s all be honest. We have all attempted to make our cheekbones look like they are cut out of solid marble.

Me after contouring my face to filth:

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But it looks like there’s a new trend in town for makeup artists and makeup lovers everywhere!

The new go-to to make your face “pop” is Strobing! While the art of strobing your face isn’t *that* new to the makeup world, it’s now officially being embraced by the makeup community as the hottest makeup trend for the fall. Yup, most of the looks seen at Fashion Week had more luminous, fresh, highlighted faces rather than the go-to bronzed “contoured face” look.

The new “look at me” makeup: Soft, subtle glow.

Still confused on what the whole strobing trend is?  It’s super easy, and doesn’t require the half hour in front of the mirror blending in your bronzer till you arms get sore.

To properly give your face that godly sheen, the trick is to simply highlight your features that light would normally hit: AKA, the middle of your forehead, down the middle of your nose, your cheekbones, top of your lips (Cupids bow), and chin.

And DONE! Gives you such a fresh face “no makeup” glam look.

The glow-up is real.

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