The Ultimate List of the Craziest Makeup Trends

Can you believe we wore this stuff?

Makeup is a wonderful thing. Every day there are new trends, new products, new works of art that can be  washed off in 10 minutes by a hot shower. Cosmetics have been around for over 12,000 years (!!) which gave us LOTS of time to create crazy trends that make us say “wait, what?”.

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Crazy 80s
All of the 80s was pretty much one giant crazy trend. From the foundation that doesn’t match the rest of your body to the crazy amounts of blush, we bet you have pictures of your mom/aunt/grandma’s crazy makeup looks!

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Skinny Brows
We’re currently in the golden age of eyebrows, but there was a time in the early 2000s when we over plucked our brows until there was almost nothing left.

Ear Makeup
This cool but short-lived trend featured adding colorful detail to the ears. Perfect for un-pierced ears!


All. The. Color.
Girls in the 70s were totally into swiping vibrant color all over the lid. Would you wear this look to school?


Food Makeup
2016 was the year of using anything BUT makeup as your makeup, including food. But hey, now if you ever run out of concealer you know just where to go.


100 Layers Challenges
Speaking of crazy things we did in 2016, the 100 layers of makeup challenge that circulated on YouTube was kind of creepy!


Eyeshadow Art
This amazing eyeshadow art makes us say “How do they DO that?”

Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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