Crazy Eyebrow Trends You Can’t Unsee

Who knew your brows could even do that

In the past few years, thanks to people like Cara Delevingne, eyebrows have become a major focus. Perfectly full, dark brows are now a crucial part to any beauty look, and with all eyes on brows (see what we did there?), makeup artists are getting creative. Some pretty insane eyebrow trends have gone viral on Instagram lately, and we guarantee you’re not going to be able to unsee these.

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Barbed Wire Brows

Makeup artist Athena Paginton is responsible for the barbed wire eyebrow trend, where she alternated the direction of pointy chunks of brow hairs. Like barbed wire itself, this one is a pretty dangerous look!

crazy eyebrow trends barbed wire brows

Image Source: Instagram

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Feather Brows

Hailing all the way from Finland, makeup artist Stella Sironen is pretty much responsible for launching the whole feather brows trend, where she makes a part down the center of the brow and brushes each side in opposite directions. Stella has even used color to create peacock feather brows.

crazy eyebrow trends feather brows

Image Source: Instagram

Brow Carving

Thought contouring didn’t involve your brows? Think again. Beauty YouTuber Alexa Link creates these carved brows” by making a sharp V-shape around the outer edge for a, dare we say, edgy look.

crazy eyebrow trends brow carving

Image Source: Instagram

Dragon Brows

Similar to feather brows and barbed wire brows, dragon brows use gel to create interesting shapes with the brow hairs—this time, dragon-like scales. Self-taught makeup artist Harlibi launched the dragon brows trend, which she says she was inspired by Stella Sironen’s feather brows.

crazy eyebrow trends dragon brows

Image Source: Instagram

Feeling inspired by these makeup artists? Grab the brow gel!

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