OMG! There’s a Disney Princess Makeup Collection

It's a whole new world

If you’ve ever wanted to look like your fave Disney Princess, now you can. The Face Shop, a whimsical Korean beauty brand, has recently launched a Disney-themed makeup collection and it’s totally adorbs.

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From hydrating face masks that are Ariel-approved to Disney Princess Cushion Colour Correctors to lip sticks worthy of royalty, the collection has a bit of everything for your beauty needs.

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A Disney freak but not into princesses? No problem. The Face Shop has a bunch of other Disney-themed products that you’ll love.


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Injecting the wizardry of K-beauty products with the magic of Disney is probably the best thing that’s happened to your makeup collection, right?

The site doesn’t ship to the U.S. (Ughhhhhh). However, if you can’t make the trip to Korea, luckily some of these items are for sale on Amazon. Get them before they disappear!


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