Don’t Miss Out On These Unique Mascaras That Do Wonders

All About Those Lashes

Luscious lashes complete every makeup look, whether you are wearing a bold smoky eye or “no-makeup makeup.” This is the one must-have item in every girl’s makeup bag. So we’ve found a collection of unique mascaras that are sure to impress.

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The Skinny 

A wand this skinny gives you full control during application. Pull the wand to the very end of your lashes for lots of length. Wiggle it around to get every last bottom lash as well as those tricky to reach inner and outer corners.

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The Rotating Wand

We’re predicting electric mascaras will be the next big thing. Reviewers say that the rotating SpinLash mascara separates and coats lashes for lots of volume and zero clumps.


Fiber Lashes

This formula creates fibers that bind to the lashes for 4mm of measurable length. The fibers seal to your actual lashes and wash off with water or makeup remover. You’ll know it worked when you take it off and see the fibers on your cotton pad.


The 5-in-1 Mascara

IT Cosmetics leaves nothing out in this 5-in-1 mascara. It works to volumize, condition, enhance the lashes, tint and curl at the same time. The brand developed the product with leading plastic surgeons.


Bold Colors

This mascara from 2B Colours comes in every color you can imagine. Mix and match two shades or more to create your own version of rainbow lashes. You can even try one color on the top lashes and another on the bottom.


Spherical Brush

Givenchy’s 360 degree brush allows you to cover even the most hard to reach areas from root to tip. It defines, lengthens and curls the lashes for an iconic look. The formula is said to be completely smudge-free.


Au Natural

Those who aim to buy “natural” products will feel good about this mineral formula. The brush, as well as the formula, is 100% vegan. The coconut oil in the mascara hydrates the lashes. You can keep it minimal or apply multiple coats for a more dramatic look.


Clear Mascara

This clear mascara works great alone or as a primer. The girl who doesn’t wear much makeup will love it to pump up the lashes just a bit, while maintaining a bare-faced look. You’ll never have to worry about smudges or raccoon-eyes.