Don’t Sleep on Brown Mascara

Listen Up, Blondes and Gingers

Here’s the deal. We’ve gone along with the majority for long enough. We’ve bought Mascara in black for years, but it’s time to pave our own way. Redheads and blondes can rock those midnight lashes for sure. But we’re suggesting that you consider — just consider — making the switch to brown.

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Brown mascara offers the definition that you love with a softer effect. You may find that it complements your liner and shadow better when you’re wearing coppers, browns, or greens. You probably experiment with different shades of those, so why not switch up your lashes too?

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You may also discover that brown mascara is a more congruous choice if you’re doing “no makeup makeup.” When you have light lashes, a brown wand will be a more natural choice than a black.


Of course, brown mascara isn’t just for those of us with light hair. It’s a refreshing choice for makeup wearers of any complexion. So why not try it out? Sephora’s highest rated brown mascara is Lancôme DÉFINICILS in Deep Brown ($33). For a cheaper option, check out No. 7’s Lash Impact Mascara in Brown ($10.99). Then bat those eyes, because you are looking fabulous in an unexpected and natural shade.

Featured Image Source: Beauty & Le Chic