Beauty Benefits of Drinking Different Types of Tea

Sip and Glow

Beauty Benefits of Drinking Different Types of Tea

Tea has always been a natural remedy for all kinds of health benefits, but did you know there are hidden beauty benefits too? Whether they are sipped or applied, these teas will give you that tea glow you wish you discovered sooner. Grab a mug, grab your squad, and have tea talk as you sip and glow. It is important to note that everyone can react differently to these teas so please be cautious when trying.

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Green Tea- Everyone’s main bae, anti-aging bae 

Green tea has always been the most talked about tea with all the anti aging properties, but did you know it can also protect against sunburn and tone your skin, hair and muscles? Perfect for summer!

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Skin Benefits: You can use green tea to reduce the puffiness around your eyes by chilling damp tea bags and placing them on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes.

Hair benefits: You can also create a hair rinse to give your hair that extra shine and stimulate hair growth by steeping tea bags in boiling water for about 15 minutes and letting it cool for a few hours and then applying it on to washed hair and leaving it on for about 10 minutes. Make sure you shampoo and condition afterwards to seal the deal!

Black Tea- Break up cure for your hair, say bye to breakage and hi to shine 

Hair breakage? Itchy skin after shaving? Black tea to the rescue!

Hair Benefits: You can help reduce hair breakage by pouring the cooled tea on your hair and leaving it on for about 10 minutes before you shampoo and condition.

Skin Benefits:  Black tea soothes itchy skin and foot odor. All you have to do is press a cool tea bag on the part of your skin that is itchy and it will help calm the area. You can also apply the tea to your feet to help get rid of foot odor .

White Tea- Stay sleek and moisturized with white tea magic 

Like green tea, white tea also has anti aging properties that will keep your skin young and fresh, and your hair strong and smooth.

Skin Benefits: White tea will help keep your skin free from wrinkles, darkness, blemishes, and dark spots.

Hair Benefits: This tea will help put up a great fight against split ends while giving your hair some moisture.

Chamomile Tea- So many benefits we lost track 

Chamomile tea seems to have it all. You can cleanse and soothe with this tea.

Skin benefits: It’s a natural cleanser, soothes skin irritations, helps fight against acne, and moisturizes your skin.

Hair benefits:This tea gives your hair color radiance and prevents dandruff.

Hibiscus Tea- The beauty police, skin protection like no other 

You can easily find Hibiscus tea at Starbucks that you can grab and go.

Skin Benefits: It helps reduce pore size, increases skin elasticity, and reduces skin inflammation.

Hair Benefits: As for hair, it helps reduce dandruff and scalp irritation as well as moisturizes and reduces tangles.

Reading this list of benefits might have made you thirsTEA, so grab your tea of choice pertaining to what benefit you would like to see and let the tea glow process begin. Stay glowing and stay awesome!