Dry Shampoo Foam is Here And It’s The Best Hair Hack Ever

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Raise your hand if you’ve skipped washing your hair in the name of beauty? Probably most of you. Now raise your hand if you’ve skipped the wash in the name of laziness? (Guilty.) Many of us avoid washing our hair for all kinds of reasons as too much shampooing can be damaging for your luscious locks. But washing your hair for either reason has just gotten super easy with the newest hack in dry shampoo: dry shampoo foam.

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Foam party scheduled for T-minus 2 days.

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Straight from Ouai, this cool-girl hair care brand launched last year from stylist Jen Atkin. Jen has worked with several celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Chrissy Teigen so you can be confident that she knows a thing or two about haircare.

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This dry shampoo “foam” works thoroughly to cleanse your scalp and hair without you having to get in the shower. Think of it has a 5-second shampoo experience. Though there are a few dry shampoo foams available at the drugstore already, this is the brand’s first stab at this amazing product.


If you’re down to learn more about dry shampoo for your own hair, here’s how it works: The foam comes out much like a hair mousse formula. In it are two ingredients called diatomaceous earth and panthenol. The first helps to remove dirt and buildup from your scalp while the second restores softness to your hair, much like a hair conditioner.

All you need to do is massage a tablespoon-size amount of foam into your roots, just like you’d do with regular shampoo. After massaging for a few minutes, the product dries almost instantly and leaves your hair cleaner than it started and much more volumized.

Luckily, this particular product is sulfate-free and cruelty-free, so you know that you’re not only saving the environment with a lack of shower water but also saving your hair of harsh ingredients. It’s basically the easiest, greatest and most natural beauty hack to use between showers. This product will be your new best friend between major tests or weekends you’d rather spend out with your besties.

Make day 3 hair your best hair. Dry Shampoo Foam AVAILABLE NOW.

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