Emma Watson’s Rose Braid Is Gorgeous and Wearable IRL

*This* is how you channel your inner Belle

Emma Watson’s style is always on point, but she’s been upping her game to levels we never thought possible during her press tour for Beauty and the Beast. In addition to wearing eco-friendly and totally gorgeous outfits, she’s also been wowing us with her hair and beauty looks.

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At the London premiere of Beauty and the Beast, Emma wore her hair in probably the most Belle-like style possible: Rose-shaped braids.

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These braids are fit for a princess, but also totally something you could wear IRL. They (very practically) keep your hair out of your face, but have way more personality than a standard topknot.

And they look even more elaborately gorgeous from the back:

Emma Watson’s Rose Braid Is Gorgeous and Wearable IRL - emma waston rose braid

Source: Glamour

Of course, they also look time-consuming, so if you value your snooze time, they might just stay on your hair inspo Pinterest board, which is okay too.

Featured Image Source: Glamour