The Best Exfoliator For Your Skin Type

Byeeee dead skin cells

The Best Exfoliator For Your Skin Type


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We all know exfoliation should be apart of your regular beauty routine. It helps get rid of dead skin cells (gross!) and other impurities, while making way for radiant, glowing skin. But though it def feels soooo good to slough and scrub your face sometimes (especially after a hot day or post-sweat session), if you are using the wrong exfoliator for your skin type then you’re doing more harm to your pretty face than good.

So before you shop for your next scrub, read on to find your best exfoliator for your best face forward.


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Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

It’s easy to go overboard with scrubbing when you suffer from oily and/or acne-prone skin. But all that exfoliating is actually super damaging to your skin, and can lead to even more irritation. The key to exfoliation for your skin type is keeping a balance between your skin’s natural and beneficial oils (like exfoliating only 2-3 times a week), while also using light, natural granules to help shed skin. Try the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Squeaky-Clean Exfoliating Face Scrub, $16.


Dry Skin

Though you might tend to shy away from exfoliators if you have dry skin, scrubbing your face weekly with one will actually help get rid of those pesky dry skin cells. The key is finding one that will help your skin absorb hydration, which it so desperately needs. That’s why you’ll want an exfoliator that is super creamy and highly moisturizing to give your skin the best of both worlds. Try Evolve’s Natural Vitamin E Exfoliating Scrub ($19) sold on Amazon.


Combination Skin

Combo skin is probably the trickiest skin type out there. Are you oily or dry? The quickest answer: if you’re oily in the T-zone with dry skin on your cheeks and forehead, you’ve got combination skin. The trick, then, is treating both the oily and dry parts of your face. You’ll want to stick with a lightweight formula that won’t over irritate the skin, which still packs a powerful punch. Look for exfoliators that contain glycolic and/or salicylic acids, like Nip + Fab’s Glycolic Fix Scrub ($10), available at


Sensitive Skin

If your skin is easily prone to irritation and redness, then you want to exfoliate very, very carefully. Steer clear of heavy duty synthetic and physical scrubs that will do way more damage to your skin. Sticking to cleansers with fruit enzymes and lactic acid, like Meriance’s Enzymatic Exfoliating Gel ($49), will provide the deep cleanse your skin deserves — without the harm.


Normal Skin

The easiest skin type of all, your normally balanced skin can handle most exfoliating products and tools. You might as well go big or go home and step up your exfoliating routine with a medium-grade scrubbing particle, like Fresh’s Sugar Face Polish ($62) available at Sephora. But remember: you should only be exfoliating three times a week, maximum. You don’t want to go irritate that perfect skin of yours!