The Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

Worth the investment?

The Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

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It seems like everyone is into eyelash extensions these days (and we can’t blame them)! From celebs to Youtube personalities to bloggers, these beauties’ eyelash game is strong. But at what cost? We’ve decided to look into the pros and cons of investing in eyelash extensions and whether they’re actually worth it or not.

Pro: Luscious lashes

The number one pro to having eyelash extensions is pretty obvious: they look AMAZING. If your lashes aren’t as dark, long, or as full as you’d like them to be, then eyelash extensions might just be what you need. They add a feminine oomph, a certain something that will just make your eyes (and face) pop!

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Con: They can harm natural lashes

With such strong adhesive to make these lashes look incredibly real and stay on longer comes the risk of harming your natural lashes. Not only can the glue pull out your regular eyelashes, but they could actually stunt the growth of your regular lashes. However, this is usually not the case for upscale products and qualified technicians. Any horror stories you hear might be coming from discounted lashes by technicians who don’t know what they’re doing. This is the treatment you’ll want to pay top dollar for!

Pro: They last longer than falsies

You ever look at yourself in the mirror after applying fake lashes and say to yourself, “I look goooood.” You wish you could keep them forever, but alas false lashes just can’t keep up with your lifestyle. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, can last a very long time! Depending on how quickly your lashes grow or how you take care of your extensions, they can last as long as two months!

Con: They’re super costly

If you’ve heard of eyelash extensions, you’ve no doubt heard of their price tag that comes along with it! The first set of lashes are pretty pricey (usually $200, give or take) with follow-up appointments about half of that. And since keeping up with them requires a monthly follow-up appointment, it can really start to add up!

Pro: They look very natural

The great thing about these lashes is that they look incredibly natural. Falsies and individual lashes can be seen at the base of your lash line, adding to the fake look. But because the application process is so intense, these bad boys are placed along the root of your lashes without any glue or roots showing. Unless your lashes are crazy long, no one will ever notice that they’re not real. You’ll just hear the occasional “OMG, you look so good, what’s different about you?!”

Con: They can come off if you don’t take care of them properly

If you’re used to wearing heavy eyeshadow, lots of eyeliner or trying dramatic looks with your makeup, eyelash extensions are probably not for you. Certain extensions can’t get too wet, get pulled, be washed with your face wash or face wipes. You might not even realize how often you poke your own lashes until you suddenly can’t do it anymore. If sticking to your routine is important to you, perhaps you should forgo the extensions.

So are they worth it?

Honestly, that’s up to you! If having beautiful, fuller looking lashes is worth the expensive price tag and adjustment to your normal routine, then we say go for it! Otherwise, maybe wait until your lifestyle changes before you make the investment.

Sebrin Elms
Sebrin Elms

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