Quiz: What Eyeshadow Color is Best for You?

Find out what color should be your go-to

Do you need a new splash of color to reinvigorate your makeup routine? The old black-and-brown game can get a little stale. But you want to make sure you have the perfect color to go with your style and personality. Take our quiz to find out which unique eyeshadow color should be your go-to this spring.

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1. Who’s the first singer on your morning playlist?

A. Lorde

B. Rihanna

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C. Fleetwood Mac

D. Adele



2. What’s your favorite season?

A. Winter

B. Summer

C. Spring

D. Fall

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3. What’s your dream city to live in?

A. New York City

B. Rio de Janeiro

C. Sydney

D. London

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4. What’s your favorite way to start a meal?

A. Chips and salsa

B. Oysters

C. A watermelon salad

D. Bread and butter

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5. What’s your favorite current trend?

A. Crop tops

B. Choker necklaces

C. Patterned button-ups

D. Ballet flats

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If you answered mostly A’s, you should go for a deep metallic plum or purple shade, like this one by Tarte ($14). You have a bold and revolutionary style and are not afraid to try something outside of tradition. People probably idolize your style, so you should wear something to inspire your followers! This purple shadow will compliment your daring personality.

Which Eyeshadow Color should you wear?; purple

Source: Tarte

If you answered mostly B’s, you should get your hands on some gold eyeshadow. You love the finer things in life, so why not reflect it with your eye look? Go for the gold, and make sure everyone knows you’re here for adventure. Try this Makeup Forever Metal Powder in Maize Gold ($23).

What eyeshadow color should you wear; gold

Source: Sephora

If you answered mostly C’s, why not try a green eyeshadow like this one from MAC ($16)? You like the natural world and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like to glam it up. Green is perfect for you because it blends your individualism with your love of all that is earthy.

What color eyeshadow should you wear; green

Source: Nordstrom

If you answered mostly D’s, your eyeshadow color should be a classic pink. You love tradition, but you know how to keep it fresh. Your style is flawless and your makeup is always trendy. Try this gorgeous long-wear cream shadow in ballet pink from Bobbi Brown ($28) to complete the look.

What eyeshadow color should you wear; pink

Source: Bobbi Brown

Featured Image Source: Unsplash