False Freckles 101: Everything you need to know

Speckle your face

The perfect summer accessory isn’t something you buy from a store. False freckles add dimension and whimsy to your face. While freckles may be signs of sun damage, adding false frecks is 100% safe!

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Getting your own set of freckles couldn’t be easier. Grab any eye pencil you have in your collection and dot it into your skin. Elle recommends using a shade or two lighter than your hair for the most natural application.

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Next, Press your finger on top of each freckle to blend them out and make the edges look more natural. Finish with a setting powder and spray. It’s that simple!


Bespeckled girls (myself included) often try to conceal their freckles. Now that frecks are in vogue, we can embrace our dots and the character they give us!

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Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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