Feather Eyebrows Are Here And We Can’t Look Away

It's all over Instagram

Feathered Eyebrows are here to captivate you and they’re all over Instagram. The truly innovative styling technique can be traced back to Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen, Teen Vogue reports.

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Stell described the new look on Instagram. “So I’m starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday and don’t forget to tag me like and subscribe and hit that bell button. ALL credits go to my muse @leevittu he came up with this whilst brushing my eyebrows last Sunday.”


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Here’s the twist though: Stella was only joking when she posted her new “trend” idea, but it actually kind of took off. She posted later that day clarifying that it was a joke, but thanking everyone who commented (with love or hate) on her initial ‘gram.


It sparked tutorials:


And lots of copycat looks:


#featherbrows 💎Be who you want to be, not what the others want to see💎🔍

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Yes or no #yes #no #feather #featherbrows #brows

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some peacocky vibes 🌈 inspo from: 🔥@alyssamarieartistry 🔥@stella.s.makeup #featherbrows sure it's trending🦄

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Stella even got back in on the trend with a peacock feather brow. As you do.


Featured Image Source: The Huffington Post