Fidget Spinner Bath Bombs are Finally Here

Bath time will never be the same again

If bath time has just been way too boring lately, we’ve got some exciting news for you.

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The wonderful people over at Lush heard your cries for a more exciting bath experience, and they created the fidget spinner bath bomb. Now, finally, they’re going to be available in the States (they’ve only been available in the U.K. till now).

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The bath bomb, officially named the Bubble Spinner ($6.95), is made up of three separate citrus-scented bath bombs fused together to create the fidget spinner shape. The U.K. went so crazy for them that they sold out almost immediately back in July when they were first released there.

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You can even hold onto the small wooden peg in the center and let the running water spin your bath bomb while it fills the tub with bubbles. And the best part is, this bath bomb is reusable! Just let it dry out fully between uses.

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The Bubble Spinner’s ingredients include lime, lemon, and grapefruit oils for an invigorating soak — that is, if you’re able to put the spinner down. Grab one for yourself in Lush stores or online now.

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