6 Ways to Fight Acne Without Washing Your Face

Take care of your skin this spring

If you’re an acne sufferer, then you know the struggle is REAL. You wash your face with every product under the sun, but you’re still having trouble getting your acne under control. Sometimes, it’s not about washing your face. There are plenty of ways to clear your skin without even getting your skin wet! Here are 6 ways to fight acne without washing your face.

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1. Use a Silk Pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases are awful for you skin (and your hair, too). Cotton pillowcases are a harsher fabric, causing friction against your hair and skin, which causes wrinkles, breakouts and knots. A silk pillowcase adds a little fluidity to your movement while you sleep, keeping your skin open and free from getting all of that acne. If you have silk sheets in addition to the pillowcase, even better!

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2. Clean Your Sheets and Pillowcase Often

However, even if you’re using a silk pillowcase, you still need to make sure you’re washing them often. Oil, bacteria and dead skin cells can wind up in that pillowcase, which means your face is laying on it every night! Make sure to wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week with sensitive detergent to make sure your skin stays healthy and blemish-free. Investing in a couple of silk sheets will pay off in the long run and is probably more affordable than that expensive acne medication.

3. Try Oil Blotting Sheets

Oil is one of the biggest acne culprits. It clogs your pores, along with dirt and makeup, causing your skin to breakout. Avoid the oil by using oil blotting sheets! This helps to remove oil from your T-zone without you having to pack on more makeup (which ultimately leads to more breakouts, too). Remember to lightly blot and not smear or else it won’t work!

4. Drink a Ton of Water

Water is seriously so good for you (as if I need to tell you that). Not only does it improve organ function, speed up your metabolism, help your immune system and give you energy, it also helps keep your acne at bay! If drinking a ton of water is a struggle, try setting an hourly alarm, treat yourself with a reward or chug 40% of your day’s water first thing in the morning.

5. Eat More Greens

If hormones are a major problem, you might want to start incorporating more of those greens in your diet. Hormones start to get wild and out of control with certain foods. Hormone-disrupting foods can include soy, dairy and sugar. And while we definitely recommend cutting out or limiting foods, its just as beneficial (if not more so) to eat more greens. Spinach, kale, cucumbers and avocado contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep your skin glowing and beautiful.

6. Workout

Acne is also a major result of stress! And while we may not be able to eliminate stress in our lives, there is a way to get it under control: working out. You can get some zen by practicing yoga or literally run from your problems on the treadmill. There’s an exercise for everyone! Just tend to your sweat! You don’t want it to clog your pores on your back, chest or face!

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