Find Your Summer Scent

New Season, New Scent

Every season calls for a different perfume. We’ve hand selected a few to get you started on the search for the perfect summer scent for you.

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Miu Miu L’eau Bleue ($90)

This is a fun new play on a successful Miu Miu scent—it blends the traditional lily of the valley with akigalawood. There’s also notes of honeysuckle!

Find Your Perfect Summer Scent; Miu Miu

Source: Sephora

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Calvin Klein CK One Summer ($54)

It has summer in the name, so you know it’s made for this season. Red-gold saffron is the most unique note in this scent, and it also has more traditional perfume components like lime and cucumber.

Find Your Perfect Summer Scent; CK One Summer

Source: Macy’s


Anthropologie Fictions Mini Eau de Parfum ($18) 

These mini scents from Anthropologie are each themed to a different destination city! What says summer vacation more than that?


Pacifica Island Vanilla ($22)  

Pacifica has tons of beautiful tropical scents, but this one is particularly evocative of sultry summer nights.

Find Your Perfect Summer Scent; Pacifica Island Vanilla

Source: Small Flower


Featured Image Source: 97zOK