Lightweight Foundations for Summer

Flawless and Light

When it gets hot outside, heavy foundations are too much to deal with. Your skin deserves better! Prepare for the next few months with these light weight foundations that will have your skin saying thank you.

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Light Weight Foundations for Summer; Prescriptives

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MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation SPF 30 ($34)  

This gel serum formula is a whole new wave of foundation technology. This long lasting foundation is made specifically to be weightless on your skin and get you through those long days. Plus, it’s moisturizing!

Light Weight Foundations for Summer; MAC

Source: Nordstrom


Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation SPF 18 ($20) 

This oil free foundation (a must for summer makeup) uses an “optical powder complex” to keep your imperfections covered. Fancy! Reviews say the coverage is sheer, which is exactly what you want from your summer foundation.

Light Weight Foundations for Summer; Shiseido

Source: JET


Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow SPF 25 ($36)  

This foundation will brighten your skin while giving you flawless coverage. Benefit is well known for natural looking products!

Light Weight Foundations for Summer; Benefit

Source: Macy’s


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