This DIY Hack Will Help You Get Healthier Stronger Nails

And you probably already have everything you need for it

Nail art can make our nails beautiful, but sadly, it can also be their undoing. Sure, everything looks great when the decals and gel manicures are on your nails, but when you strip off the polish and glitter and everything else, you might find that your once-healthy nails have started to look a little worse for the wear.

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It’s normal, but still definitely not ideal. Luckily, you don’t have to live with your brittle, cracking nails and you also don’t have to give up your nail art addiction to keep them healthy. According to PopSugar, YouTuber Ela Gale has shared a fantastic and, more importantly, easy DIY hack that will save your nails.

Ela’s hack is a three-ingredient nail soak made from things you probably have in your house right now.

Here’s a before and after shot of Ela’s nails, just in case you need more motivation to try this.

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This DIY Hack Will Help You Get Healthier Stronger Nails - before and after nail hack

Source: YouTube

There are two stages to the process. In stage one, mix 1/2 cup orange juice with 1 clove crushed garlic and let your fingers (specifically your nails, obviously) sit in the mixture for 15 minutes. In stage two, pour 1/4 cup of olive oil into a separate bowl and sit your fingers in that for 10 minutes.

It sounds a little weird, sure, but you can’t argue with the results. Watch Ela’s video for yourself below:

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