Get Your ‘90s on with These Vintage Lip Smackers


The ‘90s are back. In fact, they’ve been back for a while now. And, if you ask any ’90s kid about her favorite beauty products of that decade, you’re bound to hear an earful about Lip Smackers. That’s what makes the brand’s holiday vault such a perfect throwback.

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As Refinery29 reports, Lip Smackers released the vault of 40 lip balms (36 regular sized, six jumbo) just in time for the holidays. Not only is this box full of nostalgia-worthy flavors and throwback awesomeness, but it’s also practical. Nothing says “mature and prepared for winter weather” like a lip balm for every pocket for every coat you own.


Get Your ‘90s on with These Vintage Lip Smackers - '90s lip smackers

Source: Pop Sugar

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The vault goes for $50 and it deserves to be at the top of any retro beauty lover’s wish list.

Featured Image Source: Knocked Up Fabulous