Here Are Some Makeup Tips from Gigi Hadid’s Makeup Artist

Because you know you want them

Do you majorly envy Gigi Hadid‘s amazing makeup? Then you are not alone. And we have good news for you.

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Love This Bronzed Queen ❤ @gigihadid

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The genius behind Gigi’s gorgeous beauty looks, celebrity makeup artist and La Mer’s Global Ambassador Patrick Ta, recently spoke to Gotham magazine about the model’s beauty routine and how to get her look at home.

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Here are just some of the ~secrets~ Ta shared with Gotham:


We hear this advice over and over and over again from so many beauty gurus: Hydration is key.

“During the summer you don’t want to wear too much makeup, you want your skin to be as fresh and natural as possible. You want to really invest in your skincare; then you don’t have to apply so much foundation, it’s going to melt off anyway,” Ta told Gotham.

His personal favorite: La Mer’s The Moisturizing Gel Cream and The Concentrate. “The Concentrate is one of my favorite products,” he said. “It helps reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and redness.”

2. Focus on the under-eyes. 

Ta says that using an eye cream before you use concealer is key. “The under-eye area is the hardest part to not get creasy, so you want to make sure to moisturize.”


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3. Avoid powder highlighter. 

According to Ta, the secret to Gigi’s enviable glow is liquid highlighter on the high-points of her cheeks. BRB, stocking up now.

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4. Be colorful. 

Ta is a big fan of adding a pop of color to his beauty looks, and he says orange is especially hot RN.

“I think a lot of people are using color right now. I love orange. But you have to wear it with a purpose, you need orange somewhere else in your outfit to tie it in,” he told Gotham.


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