Glitter Tears Are Not a Trend to Be Sad About

For when you're feeling sparkly sad

We’ve seen just about all the unicorn- and mermaid-themed beauty trends we can handle for the time being, but the latest Instagram beauty trend takes the whimsical playfulness that made us fall for those mythical trends and does something entirely different. Presenting: Glitter tears, you know, for those days when you’re feeling a little sad and a little (or a lot) sparkly. Because we are complex creatures who can feel both of those things at once, right?

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The trend is achieved used body glitter to draw tears on your face (so, yeah, exactly what it sounds like).

They can be glistening tear drops:

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Or cascades of flowing tears:


Or something in between:


They can be any color you can dream up:


They can be subtle:


They can look *very* not subtle:


They aren’t even limited to glitter. Some people are getting creative, using sequins and rhinestones to enhance the effect.



Featured Image Source: This Is Simply Me